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Animal Control

  1. Animal Control Lost Pet Form
  2. Dog License Registration
  1. Contact Us

    Contact Us form to get in touch with Animal Control.

Community Development

  1. Request for Administrative Law Judge Hearing

    Request a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge when issued a non-criminal citation by Summit County.

Economic Development

  1. Broadband Access

    Broadband access in some areas of Summit County is mixed. By providing the address of a desired property that needs broadband or an... More…

  2. Summit County Resident Ice House Application
  1. Site Selection Form

Fire Warden

  1. Prescribed Burn Disclosure

    For best practices on conducting a prescribed burn please cl

Public Art

  1. Contact Us

    Contact the Summit County Public Art Program.


  1. Summit County Recorder Address Change Form

    Use this to change your mailing address for property owner information. This address will be used to mail Property Value and Tax... More…

Service Area #3

  1. SCSA#3 Annual Backflow Certification Sign Up

    Silver Creek residents who want SCSA#3 to perform their annual backflow certification must complete this application form.

Solid Waste

  1. New Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Request

    This request is for New Construction that have received a Certificate of Occupancy. Please fill out the information below and upload a... More…