How do I apply for residency exemptions?

If you live in the home or condominium full time, simply fill out the Signed Statement of Primary Residence and return it and copy a current driver's license, to the Assessor's office. Signed statements must be received before May 1st of the tax year to receive the exemption for that tax year. Signed Statements are available in the Assessor's Office or on the right hand side of this page. Completed forms may be mailed (PO Box 128 Coalville, UT 84017), faxed (435-578-3532) emailed ( or hand delivered (60 N Main Street, Coalville, Utah). If the property is rented on a full time basis, you must provide a copy of the current lease along with the signed statement. Primary residence status may be appealed August 1st through September 15th of each year. All applications received after September 15th will be considered for the next calendar year.

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3. How do I apply for residency exemptions?
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