How much funding is typically awarded each year?

For cultural/arts grants the average distribution over the last five years has been nearly $900 thousand per year (from $770 thousand to $1.0 million). Due to the nature and requirements of recreation grants (must be publicly owned and a recreation facility; facility costs are generally more expensive) the County has not opened the grant process every year. In the past, once the voters have authorized the tax the Council has bonded against the recreation portion in order to fund large projects. As additional funds may come available after debt service commitments and by determination of the Council the recreation grants application will be opened. In 2002 the County bonded for $2.2 million and in 2012 the County bonded for $3.2 million. If the tax is reauthorized it is anticipated the County may bond for approximately $4.3 million. In 2019 the County awarded over $740 thousand for recreation grant projects after honoring all debt service requirements.

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