What’s the real total cost of acquiring this land?
  • $55,000,000 purchase price ($15,000,000 down payment from the GO Open Space Bond, shall be credited against the Purchase Price at Closing)

  • 4.5% annual interest paid quarterly until closing

  • $5,000 monthly rental for immediate control of the property (Summit County shall receive credit against the Purchase Price for 50% of this cost at closing)

  • Upon paying the purchase price, the County will own fee simple title to the property and not just a conservation easement.

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1. How will the property be funded?
2. What’s the real total cost of acquiring this land?
3. Will my property taxes increase?
4. Why did the County choose an option agreement rather than purchasing the property outright now?
5. Did the County consult its Open Space Advisory Committees about the 910?
6. What are the terms of the option agreement?
7. Why is the public not immediately welcome on the property?
8. Will the property be put into a Conservation Easement?
9. Why was this large acquisition not publicized earlier?
10. Why was the public notice of the meeting on August 24, 2023 for this acquisition so quick?
11. Why is hunting prohibited on the property?
12. Does Summit County support hunting?
13. Will fishing be permitted?
14. Who will manage the property and who will make recreational decisions?
15. Will the public be involved in the management and recreational land use decisions for this property?
16. What kind of development is planned for the property? What type of buildings will be allowed on the property?
17. I want to see a map of the property