What would the County Council spend the money on?

The revenues generated would significantly increase the amount of dollars that go to Kamas, Coalville, Francis, Henefer, Oakley, and Park City for road infrastructure improvements. Quite simply, it would mean more money for municipalities to address their own transportation priorities. The County would also have the ability to fund projects in Kimball Junction, on SR-224, and in Silver Creek sooner than previously planned. 

Additionally, implementation of these taxes would place Summit County in an extremely favorable position when competing for federal, discretionary transit dollars (i.e. very large grants; in some cases, $80 million). The current presidential administration has directed U.S.D.O.T. to drastically increase the emphasis on both local and innovative funding shares/options when reviewing discretionary grant applications. Rural communities are also more favored. Unlike most others, Summit County can claim both attributes.

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1. What is a 4th and/or 5th quarter?
2. How are the taxes under consideration different from those that were passed in 2016?
3. What are you doing with the money from the 2016 taxes? Wasn’t that enough?
4. Why are we in such a rush to do this?
5. How much will this cost me and my family?
6. Will this make Summit County less competitive as compared to other resort communities?
7. What would the County Council spend the money on?
8. Can you use this money to fund other programs in the County like mental health or recycling?
9. I want to talk to the County Council about this!