What is Greenbelt?
The Utah Farmland Assessment Act (FAA, also called the Greenbelt Act) allows qualifying agricultural property to be taxed based upon its productive capability instead of the market value. the Use Values that property is taxed on is determined by the Utah State University Study that has been adopted by the farmland advisory committee.

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1. What is market value?
2. Why do we have a property tax?
3. Why do assessed values change from year-to-year?
4. What are my rights and responsibilities?
5. What is Greenbelt?
6. How much property do I have to own to qualify to be on Greenbelt?
7. What do I have to do to apply to be on Greenbelt?
8. What happens if there is a question as to the agricultural use of the property?
9. What happens if the property is no longer farmed?
10. What is the deadline for filing a Greeenbelt application?
11. I am leasing some agricultural property. Can I apply for Greenbelt?
12. I am one of multiple owners on a property. Is it okay of I am the only one signing the application?
13. How often do I have to submit an application?
14. What is my property is being farmed by someone else?