Citation Fees

Ordinance Violations

Violation DescriptionFines
Failure to license$50
Failure to display tag$25
No rabies vaccination $50
Failure to sterilize$250
Harboring a stray dog$100
Running at large (1st Offense) $100
Running at large (2nd Offense)$150
Running at large (3rd Offense)$200
Dog in prohibited place$100
Dog attacking chase, worry$300
Dog attack (1st Offense)$500
Dog attack (2nd Offense)$750
Dog attack (3rd Offense) $1000
Vicious animal$500
Nuisance animal $75
Animal cruelty$500
Failure to procure a kennel permit $250
Interference with an officer$250

* Additional $100 for each additional violation applicable. 

* Fine doubled if dog is unsterilized.

* Fines may change without prior notice. Additional fines and fees may be assessed. Late fee 10% / Month  Individuals recieving a citation may appeal their citation to the County's Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ may dismiss violations followed by an(*) upon proof of compliance. To make an appointment for an appearance before the ALJ call tel:435.615.3123. The ALJ meets monthly at the Summit County Courthouse, 60 North Main, Coalville, Utah.