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Daily Updates

April 14: Live Christmas Tree Disposals

Summit County's Public Works department provides a free disposal service for live Christmas trees. Four drop off locations are set up each December throughout the County. In 2017 the County collected 28.2 tons of trees, or 56,400 pounds. At 50 to 70 pounds each, that means 800-1,200 trees were collected in 2017.

April 12: Habitat for Humanity Senior Programs

Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties is giving a "hand up" to local seniors through safety improvements, repairs and clean-up projects. All of Habitat's programs focus on creating a healthy, vibrant community where we live and work.

April 11: Habitat for Humanity

Summit County commends Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties for helping to meet the affordable housing needs in our community through new home builds, home repair, education, advocacy and referrals. All of Habitat's programs focus on low to moderate-income households, with priority given to seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

April 10: Kennel Permits

Did you know... Summit County residents can have more than four dogs. Anyone who owns more than four dogs must obtain a kennel permit. Kennels are inspected annually by Animal Control.

April 9: WIC

WIC is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children eat well, learn about nutrition, and stay healthy. In addition to providing nutrition education, counseling, and nutritious foods, WIC also helps low-income families with healthcare and other referrals. The Summit County WIC Program served 651 unduplicated participants for the 2017 calendar year—191 women, 208 infants (0 to 12 months), and 252 children (1 to 5 years old). WIC clinics are held monthly at each Health Department location in Park City, Kamas, and Coalville. Approximately 14 clinic days are offered at the various locations.

April 7: Victim Advocate

Megan Galati, Summit County's Victim Advocate, works with victims of crime, including those who have been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, theft, homicide, DUI, burglary, etc. People who have been victimized often do not want to attend hearings or have jobs or other commitments which prevent them from attending hearings. Megan attends on behalf of victims and then updates them on hearing schedules and when to expect a subpoena to appear and testify. Megan often attends court in support of the victims she is working with. Megan works hard to connect victims of crime with finding necessary resources. In 2017, approximately 500 individuals received assistance through the Victim Advocate's Office. Megan has said of the position, "This job can be emotionally taxing, as many people are dealing with emotions involved with being victimized, or going through situations such as divorce or custody cases. I get yelled at occasionally, but I also get hugs, and lots of 'Thank yous'."

April 6: Probation

Summit County Probation works with local employers to provide possible employment opportunities for programs participants. The program has a high success rate of helping participants find employment. This holistic approach has led to more of our underserved residents being able to enjoy full-time employment, stable housing, improvement in their family life and overall health. Summit County Probation has also been working with the Summit County Recovery Foundation to assist community members transition out of jail and into temporary housing at the same time they are working and receiving treatment. Due to the tireless work of the Sheriff's Office our county recidivism rate has been drastically reduced and more underserved residents are becoming contributing members of society.

April 5: Weed Division

Got weeds? We can help! Summit County's Weed Division is responsible for identifying and eliminating noxious weeds in the county. Free equipment rentals, including backpack sprayers, ATV & UTV sprayers, and truck & tractor sprayers, are available on a first-come first-serve basis. We also offer weed abatement chemicals at a wholesale price. Call (435) 336-3979 to reserve your sprayers and stop the spread of noxious weeds.

April 4: Free Snow Removal for Seniors

The Summit County Sheriff's Office offers free snow removal for senior citizens who find it unsafe to shovel or leave their home following a snow storm. To get started individuals fill out an application for the program: if they qualify based on age, nearest relative, and veteran status we will ask them to sign a waiver. The work is performed by Summit County Jail working inmates and permission must be received before the inmates can enter the property to shovel the snow.

April 3: Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels, operated by Mountainland Association of Governments, serves homebound seniors throughout Summit County. Meals on Wheels partners with Denise's Home Plate in Coalville to make and serve three hot meals a week for 60 to 70 residents of our community. In addition they offer two frozen meals, which helps to ensure those who may otherwise go without are receiving the nutrition they need to live their healthiest life.

April 2: Volunteer Driver Program

Summit County offers senior citizens (age 60 and older) who are unable to drive an opportunity to request a ride to help them with daily quality of life tasks. This includes grocery shopping, prescription pick up and rides to/from doctor appointments. Often senior citizens who are unable to drive will neglect their health to avoid feeling like a burden on their family and friends. Summit County aims to alleviate that fear. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer or request a ride please contact Heather Nalette at (435) 336-3014.

April 1: Ensure for Seniors

Did you know... Summit County teams up with Mountainland Association of Governments to provide Ensure, a meal replacement drink, to senior citizens (age 60 and older) at a lower cost. Physicians who notice seniors losing weight without trying may recommend Ensure as a supplement. If that senior receives a prescription from their physician and brings it to a Summit County senior center we will provide the senior with a case of Ensure for a suggested donation of $20. In grocery stores a case of Ensure can cost $30 or more. Our goal is to make sure Summit County seniors have what they need to live their healthiest life.