Contest Results

     Summit Community Power Works helped lead Summit County residents and schools to the finish line of the 2016 Georgetown University Energy Prize. Locally, we had some huge wins.

• 89,874 LED bulbs were installed county wide, saving about 3,600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Some of those bulbs ended up in 145 low-income homes in our community at no cost to the owner.

• 150 programmable smart thermostats went into homes, saving nearly 154,400 kilowatt hours of electricity and 38,700 decatherms

of natural gas.

• 80 homes received the U.S. Department of Energy 'Home Energy Score' report, which helps owners understand cost-effective upgrades specific to their homes.

• 109 homes installed rooftop solar systems that are generating 1,075,200 kilowatts of renewable energy.

     Moving forward, look to SCPW for more ways to save money and energy as we continue to provide information and programs which encourage efficient energy use.

     Thank you all for your participation in the competition. Although we didn’t win the Georgetown Energy Prize, we’re all winners in the long run!

Erin Bragg, Executive Director 

Summit Community Power Works