Restaurant Tax Grant

The primary purpose of the Restaurant Tax Grant is to promote tourism as set out by the Utah State Statute and the County Council. The Summit County Council established the Restaurant Tax Advisory Committee to investigate, advise, and recommend the best uses of the funds collected from this tax. The committee is governed by the enabling Statutes and its bylaws.

The Summit County Restaurant Tax Committee (SCRTC) is comprised of the following individuals:

Name & Position
Residence Email Phone
Jason Ford Park City 435-615-4500
Teri Whitney 
Park City 435-640-3743
Lorrie Hoggan 
Oakley 801-791-8924
Penn Kinsey Park City 435-655-0800
Dirk Beal
Park City 435-645-6508
Eric Bradshaw
Henefer 435-770-1657
Rick Anderson
Park City 435-640-6444
Maureen Dunn
Kamas 435-640-6343
Billy Demong Park City 435-901-1749

The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the Restaurant Tax Grant:

How to Submit Financial Reporting

Acceptable reports must contain the following information:
1.    Cover letter containing the following information:
a.    Name of the organization.
b.    Grant Agreement number (i.e. “RES-06-19”).
c.    Name and contact information of the person filing the report.

a.    Copy of Paragraph 2. of the 2019 Summit County Restaurant Tax Grant Program Agreement “Recipient Responsibilities”.
b.    Brief statement confirming how the funds were spent in accordance with any restrictions of the grant, and a statement outlining what goods or services Summit County received in exchange for the granted tax dollars.

2.    Expense Statement:
a.    The Expense Statement is a totaled itemized list of the expenditures that were made with the granted funds.
b.    Statement must include:  invoice, cancelled checks or copy of bank statement with the item outlined.

Please title the file/financial report the same as your Grant Agreement number (i.e. “RES-06-19”).  The 2019 financial report packet must be uploaded (IN ONE FILE ONLY) online at: