Restaurant Tax Grant

The primary purpose of the Restaurant Tax Grant is to promote tourism as set out by the Utah State Statute and the County Council. The Summit County Council established the Restaurant Tax Advisory Committee to investigate, advise, and recommend the best uses of the funds collected from this tax. The committee is governed by the enabling Statutes and its bylaws.

The Summit County Restaurant Tax Committee (SCRTC) is comprised of the following individuals:

Name & Position
Residence Email Phone
Donnie Novelle
Park City 435-659-8567
Teri Whitney - Vice Chair
Park City
Email Teri Whitney
Lorrie Hogan - Secretary
Oakley Email Lorrie Hogan
Jodie Rogers - Chair
Park City
Email Jodie Rogers
Dirk Beal
Park City
Email Dirk Beal
Eric Bradshaw
Email Bradshaw
Rick Anderson
Park City
Email Rick Anderson
Eileen Dunn
Kamas Email Eileen Dunn
Alex Natt
Park City
Email Alex Natt
Anita Lewis - Ex Officio
Summit County
Email Anita Lewis

The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the Restaurant Tax Grant:

How to Apply

  1. Save your application and supporting documents into one PDF file.
  2. Name the file as follows: "2019 REST GRANT - ".
  3. Submit the one, consolidated file using the "Upload Restaurant Tax Grant Application" button on this website. THERE IS NO SIZE LIMIT TO THE FILE.
  4. Retain confirmation email for your records.