RAP - Cultural Tax Grant

Funding for the RAP – Cultural Grant is provided by a special sales tax initiative approved by the Utah State Legislature. This allows 0.1% of sales tax within the County to be spent on arts and recreation opportunities within the County. Eligible applicants for the Cultural Grant must be from a 501(c)(3) and registered with the State of Utah or a municipal or county cultural council, such as Summit County/Park City Arts Council. Eligible disciplines include Arts Education, Dance, History, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Folk Arts, and other pursuits.

RAP Cultural Tax Documents will be available beginning April 1st, 2022.

Application will be available on line starting April 1, 2022 and the deadline is April 29, 2022 5:00 PM

The RAP – Cultural Grant Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Name & Position
Email Phone
JaNae Blonquist
Email JaNae Blonquist
Les Kratter
Email Les Kratter
Hilary Gilson
Email Hilary Gilson
Judy Horwitz
Email Judy Horwitz
Julie Hooker
Email Julie Hooker
Katie Lindsay Email Katie Lindsay  917-572-2105
Sharon Serpico Hanson - Chair
Email Sharon Hanson 510-435-5944
Amy Jones
Email Amy Jones

The following web-links provide the necessary documents and detailed information necessary for applying for the RAP Cultural Grant:

2021 RAP Cultural Grant reporting

**How to Submit Financial Reporting**

Please combine all files and application into one combined file before uploading with the form below.

Acceptable reports must contain the following information:
1. Cover letter containing the following information:
a. Name of the organization.
b. Grant Agreement number (i.e. “RAPARTS-01-21”).
c.    Name and contact information of the person filing the report.

a.    Copy of Paragraph 2. of the 2021 Summit County Cultural RAP Grant Program Agreement “Recipient Responsibilities”.
b. Brief statement confirming how the funds were spent in accordance with any restrictions of the grant, and a statement outlining what goods or services Summit County received in exchange for the granted tax dollars.

2. Expense Statement:
a. The Expense Statement is a totaled itemized list of the expenditures that were made with the granted funds.
b.    Statement must include:  invoice, cancelled checks or copy of bank statement with the item outlined.

Please title the file/financial report the same as your Grant Agreement number (i.e. “RAPARTS-01-20”).  The 2021 financial report packet must be uploaded (IN ONE FILE ONLY) in the below area.