Special Event Permit Application

A Special Event Permit is required for all events in Summit County.

A Special Event is defined as: A sporting, cultural, entertainment or other type of activity, whether held for profit, nonprofit or charitable purposes, occurring for a limited or fixed duration that impacts the County by involving the use of, or having impact on, County-owned, leased or controlled property, or requiring County licensing or services beyond the scope of normal business and/or liquor regulations; or creates public impacts through any of the following: a. Full or partial street or sidewalk closures necessary for the safe and efficient flow of traffic in the County

b. Use of public property, facilities, trails or parks, and/or

c. Use of County parking facilities, and/or

d. Use of amplified sound

e. Outdoor or temporary events that do not normally occur with the permitted use.

The permit process for a Special Event Permit begins with the applicant completing the online application and submitting it. Fees will be required shortly after submission and will vary depending on the event.

After review of your application by staff and applicable referral agencies, you will be notified if your event qualifies for a permit and whether it requires other permits, additional information, and/or a meeting with the Special Event Committee. Fees and damage and/or security deposits will be determined at this time. The Special Event Committee is made up of agencies involved in the permitting process or whose resources may be impacted by the event.

 It is our goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and fun events that have a minimal negative impact on the community and public resources.

Event levels are determined based on degree of County impacts including but not limited to: anticipated attendance, use of amplified sound, transportation and parking, use of public or private property and admission. Any event may be defined as the following if they meet one or more of the listed criteria in a given category:

Event Levels:

1) LEVEL ONE EVENT. - $100.00 Application Fee

(a) An assembly of less than 200 persons or

(b) Necessity for rolling street closure.

2) LEVEL TWO EVENT. - $200.00 Application Fee

(a) An assembly of between 200 persons and 499 persons; or

(b) Necessity for partial street closure.

3) LEVEL THREE EVENT. - $500.00 Application Fee

(a) An assembly of more than 500 persons; or

(b) An assembly occurring on roadways of more than one hundred (100) people for an event that reasonably can be expected to continue for two or more hours; or

(c) Necessity for full street closure.


An activity conducted for the purpose of persons expressing their political, social, religious, or other views protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 15 of the Utah Constitution, including but not limited to speechmaking, picketing, protesting, marching, demonstrating, or debating public issues on any County street or other property during the event. 'First Amendment Events' shall not include: (a) Solicitations or events which primarily propose a commercial transaction; (b) Rallies, races, parades or events conducted with motor vehicles or bicycles; (c) Footraces.