SCSA#3 Board of Trustees & STAFF

Board of Trustees

The Service Area is managed by seven publicly elected Board of Trustees.  Board members are charged with managing the Service Area in the areas of road maintenance, ROW management, water, trails, drainage and parks.  Management includes establishing resolutions, regulations, policies and procedures, customer service, budgeting, records and financial management, and reporting. The Board strives to ensure accountability and transparency between and among the Board, its residents, the County and State. 

For all resident questions/concerns, please Shiona Howard, our General Manager.


Members & Contact Information
Board Member
Suzanne Carpenter Chair Email Suzanne Carpenter
(269) 491-7055
Hally Hanssen Vice Chair Email Hally Hanssen  
Scott Sharp Clerk Email Scott Sharp  
Dinah Clissold Member Email Dinah Clissold  
Vince Pao-Borjigin Member Email Vince Pao-Borjigin (435) 200-5296

Support: Our Contractors

The Board relies on contractors for operational support and legal council. We utilize Utah government's bidding process to obtain qualified contractors. We thank them for their continued dedication and service.
Staff Member Title Email Phone
Shiona Howard General Manager (435) 649-7949
Eileen Haynes Assistant Clerk (435) 649-7949
Chris Bullock Roads Master & Water Operator (435) 731-0107
Nathan Bracken General Counsel N/A N/A
Angie Shields Bookkeeper (435) 649-7949

General Contact Information

Departments Email Phone
General Questions & Comments Email GM, Email the Board (435) 649-7949
Water Billing Questions (435) 649-7949
Water Operation Questions Email Chris (435) 731-0107
Roads & ROW Questions Email Chris (435) 731-0107
Trails and Parks Questions Email Chris (435) 649-7949
All Board Members Email the Board Members
(435) 649-7949
Webmaster Email the Webmaster
 (435) 565-1619