Cline Dahle Project

In March 2016, Tom Fisher, Summit County Manager executed a purchase option to acquire approximately 30 acres of land commonly known as the Cline Dahle property. The property is located just past Jeremy Ranch Elementary along the Rasmussen frontage road. If acquired, a portion of the property could potentially be used for market, workforce and/or affordable housing projects, a park and ride intercept lot, transit center and other community uses.

An ALTA survey, a preliminary soils report and a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment were completed as part of the due diligence process. Furthermore, the County continues to meet with and interview potentially impacted interests regarding the potential use and programming of the subject property.

A consulting team from the University of Utah has also been engaged to assist the County, further evaluate the property, and refine a number of potential program and design alternatives.

Summit County closed on the property on January 31, 2017.