What is the County Doing?

Staff at Summit County take direction from County Council. Summit County Council's vision statement provides the foundation for strategic plans that guide County staff in serving residents.

Sustainability staff implements policies and programs that support Summit County's missions to provide excellent, ethical, efficient services that ensure quality of life for present and future generations. Sustainability is the watchdog for deployment of cost-effective technologies that increase the energy efficiency of county-owned facilities and that reduce fuel consumption of the county's vehicle fleet.

Sustainability permeates all strategic effects by balancing economic considerations with services that consider short-term and long-term impacts to our community. Sustainability integrates interdepartmental activities to advance Strategic Effect #3 Environmental Stewardship – Through environmental stewardship and leadership the County will implement plans and policies to secure, preserve and protect our water, land and air quality for the present and future.

Sustainability Plans have been continually updated and implemented since 2011. These plans focus on County operations and community wide action to reduce all of our carbon footprints.

Sustainability Reports