The Grooming Process

Groom/grum/ verb: to prime (someone) for a specific objective: prepare

Predators use a variety of techniques to groom a child to become a victim. View some examples of grooming behavior on the part of the predator. (Please note this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Becoming involved in the family so the parents/guardians trust them, thus minimizing questions about their behavior with their child.
  2. Wanting to babysit, take on trips,showering with attention and affection.
  3. Behavior with a child that appears to be playful, such as: wrestling, tickling, and other forms of physical contact on a continual basis.
  4. Predators position themselves in helping, altruistic positions in the community, reducing any suspicion that their behavior is abusive.
  5. Predators will use coercion, threats, fear, gifts, money and other means to keep their victims silent.

Common Signs of Possible Abuse:

  • Gifts or money your child brings home without any explanation
  • Physical ailments
  • Acting out sexual behavior
  • Drop in grades
  • Fear of being alone with the perpitrator
  • Change in mood or behavior