Sustainability Office

Summit County Sustainability

The sustainability office works to achieve the Summit County Council’s sustainability, climate, and environmental stewardship goals. To do this, the Sustainability Office collaborates with staff across Summit County and the community to address energy use in public and private buildings, promote alternatives to a fossil fuel-based transportation system, transition government operations and community energy use to renewable sources, and more. 


Summit County’s sustainability and climate goals include:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions of county operations 80% below 2016 level by 2040; 80% below 2014 level countywide by 2050.
  • Transition to net 100% renewable electrical energy for county operations and make renewable energy readily available and broadly adopted county wide by 2030;
  • Transition 50% of county fleet vehicles to alternative fuels, hybrid or electric vehicles by 2022; Provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure as required to charge fleet vehicles.