Current Candidates and Information

2021 is a municipal and special service district election year. Contact your city or special service district for candidate information.

The Summit County General Obligation Bond Question will appear on a ballot for all Summit County voters.

The Park City School District Bond Question will appear on ballots of all precincts within the Park City School District (including unincorporated parts of the county)

  1. Federal
  2. State
  3. County
  4. School Board

View a complete list of federal filings.

U.S. Senate 1 (6-Year Term)

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U.S. House of Representatives 1 (2-Year Term)

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Financial Report Forms

Candidate Resources

This page is intended to be a resource to candidates that have filed to run for office in Summit County. We have created links to a few items that we think will be useful to you in becoming more familiar with Summit County and the services that are provided. Take a few minutes to check out our website, if you can’t find something specific just use the search located at the top of the page.

The 2020 filing period opens March 13 at 8:00 AM and closes March 19 at 5:00 PM. Candidates interested in filing for public office must appear in person at their at the County Clerk’s office during regular business hours.

To submit your bio to the state web site please visit


Prohibited activities include any oral, printed, or written attempt to persuade persons to refrain from voting or to vote for or against any candidate or issue; and polling place means the physical place where ballots or absentee ballots are cast and includes the County Clerk’s Office or City Hall during the period in which absentee ballots may be cast there. All activities are to be 150-feet from the polling location.

Voter Registration Information

Voter lists may be ordered through the Summit County Clerk’s Office only for use in political campaigns. This information may also be ordered through the state political party offices. All requests shall be in writing and the appropriate fee will apply. The setup fee is established by Utah State Code and is a $25 setup fee and $.005 per voter. You will need software that can read a .csv file.

Political Signs

Summit County prohibits placing political signs in any public right of way. Campaign signs must comply with the following guidelines:

Snyderville Basin

  1. Noncommercial Opinion Signs: Noncommercial opinion signs are subject to all requirements and provisions of the Utah state code annotated and other laws as may be applicable. Such signs are regulated as follows:
    1. Residential Properties: Residential properties are permitted 9-square-feet of a sign area, not to exceed 3-feet in height. The sign square footage may be split between 2 or more signs, but the total square footage may not exceed 9-square-feet.
    2. Nonresidential Properties: Nonresidential properties are permitted 6-square-feet of sign area, not to exceed 3-feet in height. The sign square footage may be split between 2 or more signs, but the total square footage may not exceed 6-square-feet.

Eastern Summit County

Campaign Signs: Campaign signs are exempt from obtaining a sign permit; however, they must still comply with the following guidelines. Campaign signs shall not exceed three (3) square feet of area and four feet (4’) in height, measured from the top of the sign to the grade directly below the sign. Campaign signs are permitted in any zone district, provided they are located a minimum of ten feet (10’) back from the edge of the curb or edge of pavement, where there is no curb on the street which the sign fronts. If the ten foot (10’) distance would be within a structure, the sign may be within three feet (3’) of the front of the structure. Illumination of campaign signs is prohibited. These signs shall only be permitted on private property with the permission of the property owner and are not permitted in the public right of way.

County personnel may remove and impound these signs if notice to remove the signs has been sent to the property owner or candidate and they have failed to comply with that notice.

There are many cities / towns and Utah State road right of ways that impose restrictions within their jurisdiction. Contact each entity for their regulations.

City / Town
Phone Number
Coalville City435-336-5981
Francis Town435-783-6236
Henefer Town435-336-5365
Kamas City435-783-4630
Oakley Town435-783-5734
Park City Municipal435-615-5025
UDOT - Park City435-649-9701
UDOT - Wanship435-336-5394