Precinct Maps

Interactive Voter Map

Check out our interactive voter map. Follow the link and type your address into the search bar (be sure to include your city and ZIP code) and it will pinpoint your address. When you click on the map and it will show your precinct, elected officials, special service districts and their contact information. This map has the updated precinct boundaries as of February 2022.

Voter Map Mobile App

Go to your app store or market and download the free ESRI app. Once installed touch the "Map" button and enter Summit County into the search. Touch the "Summit County Voter Precincts." That will bring up our precinct map. Anywhere you touch will pull up the precinct name and show polling locations. You can also type your address (include city and ZIP) to pinpoint your exact residence.

Polling places can be found on the Voter Registration & Elections page


Click on the links below to view a printable map. You may also view our Interactive Voter Map.

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  2. School Board
  3. House
  4. Senate
  5. U.S. House

Precinct Maps