Public Art Opportunities

Request for Artist Proposals -- Ledges Event Center

The Summit County Public Art Board (SCPAAB) is seeking artists to propose a concept for highly creative three-dimensional artwork to be installed on the east exterior of the Ledges Event Center at the Summit County Fairgrounds.

Artists and/or artist teams with public art experience and residence in the United States are eligible to apply and may submit concepts for the Ledges Event Center Exterior Artwork. Submission of digital materials is required. Please review all guidelines in this Call to Artists and resources provided before starting an application. Incomplete responses will not be considered.

The Ledges Event Center, located at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Coalville UT, is an open-layout, 11,600 square-foot community building with ample natural light and multiple event spaces to accommodate almost any type of event or gathering.

Ledges is the first non-State of Utah building to adopt the High Performance Building Standards developed by the State of Utah Department of Facilities Construction and Management. Careful consideration went into the design and construction of the building regarding energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

The Ledges Event Center was the result of several years of work from the County in planning improvements to the County Fair. Summit County has featured an organized, annual County Fair since 1909. Since the late 1940’s, the Fair has been held in Coalville, Utah and has become a signature County event that not only provides an opportunity to showcase the livestock and farming traditions, but an occasion for residents and visitors to come together as an extended community.

The SCPAAB seeks artwork for the east exterior of the building that reflects the culture, history, and strong community of the City of Coalville and Summit County, UT. Artwork submissions should engage the viewer well beyond the project's installation. Project proposals may include any form of three dimensional artwork. Preference may be given to artists who use sustainable practices in their work.

BUDGET: $38,000

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 28, 2020 by 5:00pm MST

QUESTIONS - Please refer any questions or comments to Leslie Chavez at


Request for Artist Qualifications -- Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts

The Summit County Public Art Board (SCPAAB) is pleased to provide an opportunity for artists and artist lead teams to submit qualifications to integrate highly creative three-dimensional artworks to be placed in the two newly constructed roundabouts located at the Jeremy Ranch/Pinebrook exits (exit 141 westbound and eastbound) in Park City, UT.

This RFQ is open to all professional artists and/or artist-led teams with public art experience, residing in the United States.

The Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts will be important focal points signifying a major gateway to Summit County that will serve residents and millions of annual visitors. The roundabout encompasses significant modes of transportation carrying people to and from the area, including the surrounding local restaurants, shops, recreation sites, and businesses as well as providing a primary connection to the local Park City neighborhoods, such as Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook.

The SCPAAB seeks an artist or artist-led team to create an artwork that celebrates a strong sense of place, recognizing that the location of the roundabout is seated at a gateway to Summit County, UT, embodies the values of the local landscape, culture, history, and/or wildlife, serves as a welcoming entrance into Summit County, UT and engages the Summit County community during artwork project planning and installation.

BUDGET: $194,000

DEADLINE TO APPLY: February 10, 2020 by 5:00pm MST

QUESTIONS - Please refer any questions or comments to Leslie Chavez at