Recorder / Surveyor

About the Recorder's OFFICE

The County Recorder's Office maintains all land records for Summit County. Documents affecting real property should be submitted to this office for recording and inclusion into the public record.

Property ownership, description, acreage and other related information is available through this office and also plat maps which will assist in locating the land.

What We Do:

What We Don't Do:

  • Record, store, and retrieve land documents in the public record. 
  • Assist the public in locating real property parcels on ownership plats. 
  • Assist the public in locating records.
  • Record Military Discharges and provide certified copies of the documents at no charge. 
  • Sell copies of documents and plats to the public. 
  • Provide certified copies and documents for a fee
  • Provide forms for recording. 
  • Perform title searches for the public. 
  • Prepare legal documents. 
  • Interpret legal documents. 
  • Provide engineering services for the public. 
  • Give legal advice. 

Checklist to Assist Individuals Recording a Document

Each document must: 

  • Contain original signatures and notary.
  • Contain a legible legal description of the property and the serial number. 
  • If the document is conveying property, the grantee's mailing address must be included. 

NOTE: The recording stamp requires a space 2.5 inches down and 4.5 inches across on the upper right corner of the first page, and a margin of 1 inch at the bottom of each successive page. 

County Surveyor

The Summit County Recorder's Office has been appointed to act as the depository for survey plats which are required to be filed with the county surveyor as per section 17-23-17 UCA.

Survey plats are also available for public inspection during office hours.

What We Do:

What We Don't Do:

  • Act as a depository for surveys.
  • Record the record of surveys. 
  • Provide information to the public on surveys. 
Perform surveys. Surveys are for information only and do not change title. 

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