Grama Request

Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA)

To submit a GRAMA Request, please complete the online form at Open Records Portal
*Select Summit County under Agency Name

Before submitting a GRAMA request, check to see if the information you are seeking is available on the Summit County website.

The following frequently requested records are available online:
Council Minutes and Recordings
Planning Commission Minutes and Recordings
Ordinances & Resolutions
Property Records
Election Results / Archives

What is GRAMA?

The Government Records Access and Management Act (“GRAMA”) is a Utah law that provides the public with the right to access certain “records” prepared, maintained or controlled by a government entity. More information can be found regarding Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) in Utah Code Title 63G, Chapter 2.

Who can make a GRAMA request?

Any person may submit a GRAMA request. The GRAMA request should be directed to the governmental entity that prepares, owns, or retains the requested records. All GRAMA requests must be in writing and must include the following information:

•the requester’s name;
•mailing address and daytime phone number, if available; and
•a description of the record requested with that identifies the record with reasonable specificity.

Utah Code 63G-2-204

Will I be charged a fee for making a GRAMA request?

Governmental entities may charge fees as provided.

Utah Code
63G-2-203 and 63G-2-204

How long does it take for a governmental entity to respond to my GRAMA request?

GRAMA requests will be answered within ten (10) business days from the date the request was received. If the request will take longer than ten (10) business days, the requestor will be notified that additional time is required to comply with the request and an estimate of the additional time needed. Utah Code 63G-2-204