Summit County GIS


It is important to understand that Summit County makes no representation regarding completeness or accuracy of the data in the databases, links, maps, data sets or data extraction procedures provided herein. Efforts are made to verify the data and keep it updated. However, with data sets and databases of this size, eliminating all errors is difficult.

Thus, the user assumes total responsibility for verification. All maps, data sets, tables or print outs generated via the web page are unofficial. The user assumes total responsibility to verify everything extracted with the appropriate departments within Summit County.

Parcel Reference Map

Parcel Reference Map

Interactive Zoning Map

Interactive Zoning Map

Mission Statement

The mission of Summit County GIS is to provide quality data, services and applications to support the activities of Summit County and its constituents through a service-oriented approach.

Accomplishing the Mission

Summit County GIS can accomplish this through:

  • Developing fun and useful applications
  • Obtaining and creating quality data
  • Providing effective services to make work easier and more efficient for county employees, better decision support for county officials, and a more informed public

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information System.

Defining Geographic Information System

A GIS is map layers combined with a database. For example, a parcel can be drawn on a map as a polygon (the geographic portion). That parcel also has information about it stored in a database such as owner name, physical address, and appraised value to name a few.

The GIS combines the 2 allowing you to ask questions in the database (e.g. show me all properties that are over 2 acres and have an appraised value of less than $250,000). Or you can ask questions on the geographic side (e.g. from the previous selected properties, deselect any that are within a mile of an interstate freeway or state highway.) Learn more information about GIS by exploring this website.