Cedar Crest Village Overlay

Project Background
In 2018, the County Council created the Village Overlay, which is intended to incentivize cooperation and community design flexibility. The purpose of the Village Overlay is to reestablish and revitalize existing, non-incorporated communities in Eastern Summit County.

On April 19, 2019, the Summit County Planning Department received an Application for the Cedar Crest Village Overlay Master Planned Development and Rezone. A timeline of past meetings and agendas can be found here.

On September 14, 2023, the Cedar Crest Village Overlay forwarded a positive recommendation to the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission. 

Applicant Information
The Applicant has created a website to follow along the project as it progresses through the application process. The website includes an overview of the proposal and the timeline. You may also provide feedback to the Applicant directly. 

Application Materials
The Applicant's current draft proposal can be found on the Applicant's website as well as here.

Tentative Upcoming Public Meetings

Review Body Meeting Type Date of Meeting
Eastern Summit County Planning Commission (ESCPC) Work Session 10/05/2023
ESCPC Work Session 10/19/2023
ESCPC Public Hearing 11/2/2023