The Summit County Attorney's Office promotes and protects the public peace and safety of Summit County, Utah.


attorneybage The Summit County Attorney's Office is dedicated to providing our community with a safe place to live, work, and play by holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent, and preserving the dignity of victims. The members of this office serve to minimize the impact of the criminal justice system upon the lives of victims and witnesses by supporting them to overcome the effects of crime and guiding them as they participate in the criminal justice system. We will dutifully advise the elected officials of Summit County and effectively and ethically represent the County in civil matters. We shall maintain the highest professional standards and ethically seek truth and justice.

Welcome Message

mo_web Welcome to the Summit County Attorney's Website. On behalf of the State of Utah and its citizens, this office prosecutes all felony matters and most misdemeanor matters which occur within Summit County (excepting those misdemeanors that occur within the jurisdictional boundaries of the municipality of Park City). This office oversees the operation of the Summit County Children's Justice Center and a Victim Assistance Program. Along with our prosecution duties, the Summit County Attorney's Office also handles a wide variety of other services for the county. We advise the Summit County Council, county departments and many of the county's special service districts. While the Summit County Attorney's Office provides services internally to county staff it does not generally provide direct public services. We have offices in both Coalville and Park City.

I am very proud of our team of dedicated attorneys, investigator, victim advocates, and professional legal support staff who diligently and compassionately serve our citizens day in and day out. We consistently apply equal justice under the law to protect our community and ensure that victims and witnesses of crime are treated with compassion and respect. One of my primary goals is to assure that you live in a safe community and that you have confidence in our system and the fair and just application of the Rule of Law.

I hope this information provides you with a better understanding of our office and its responsibilities. I encourage you to review our Website and if you have any questions or need further assistance to please contact us.

Sincerely, Margaret Olson