Historic Main Street

A Prosperous Main Street

In 1903, Park City's Main Street had the appearance of quiet prosperity. The building boom after the Great Fire of 1898, had tapered off and scores of new buildings lined the street, which remained unpaved. The Sutton Building on the near right housed Sutton's Meat Market and Grocery store on the ground floor and Society Hall on the 2nd floor.

The popular Blyth-Fargo store was several doors up the street with the City Bandstand next to it. Across the street the ruins of the Park City Bank still remained, but would be replaced by the new post office. The town boasted of a new ice skating rink behind the ruins in Swede Alley.

Image of Historic Park City with Horse and Buggies

The fine brick building of Frank Andrew Furniture and Hardware was 2 doors up the street. Horse-drawn wagons were still the primary means of transportation and stylishly dressed ladies could still leisurely stroll across Main. Overhead electric and telephone lines provided modern services to town. The massive Ontario Mill near the top of Main would remain until it was torn down in 1926.

By Hal Compton, Research historian, P.C. Museum
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