Community Engagement


Why Community Engagement?

Community engagement refers to the various methods of informing and involving the public in the decisions and actions of local government. For this reason, community engagement is an important aspect of local government service. By effectively engaging the community, government agencies are better able to address the values, needs, and concerns of the public while also ensuring transparency and accountability.

Stay Connected

County Council Meetings 

A friendly reminder that the Summit County Council meets in public session every Wednesday! To see what the Council will be up to each week and where they'll be meeting, go to the agenda center on the County website.To participate in Summit County Council public meetings virtually you can tune in live on Facebook or via Zoom

Get Involved

COMMUNITY VISIONING - Our Summit is a year-long community visioning process that will establish a road map for the future of our county. Input from community stakeholders like YOU critical to the success of this process. What do you want to see prioritized in the future? What should change? What should remain the same? How do you view Summit County? Tell us your thoughts, map your ideas, and learn more about how you can get involved in the community visioning process at

VOLUNTEER - The Summit County Council welcomes residents to become actively involved in matters affecting your quality of life in Summit County by joining one of the County's many Volunteer Boards. Click HERE to view all Volunteer Boards. 


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