Property Notice of Interest (NOI)

What is an NOI?  

A Notice of Interest, or NOI, is the required means of informing Summit County of a willing landowners intent to have a property evaluated for possible qualified use Summit County Open Space Bond Funds.  A NOI may only be completed by the property owner or an authorized representative.

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If you need assistance with this form please contact Jessica Kirby at (435) 602-0308

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Summit County acquires property and secures conservation easements for the purposes of open space, preservation, and agriculture protection.   


  • Purchase: The landowner sells the property at full market value.
  • Full Donation: The landowner donates the property in totality without compensation.
  • Partial Donation: The landowner donates a portion of the value of the property while receiving compensation for the remaining value. 


  • Fee Title Sale: Fee title sale is a voluntary land transaction between a landowner and Summit County.  In granting this type of sale, the landowner generally retains no ownership and gives up all rights to the property. 
  • Conservation Easement: The landowner agrees to restrict use of the property, in perpetuity, in exchange for cash, tax benefits, or other compensation. These properties can remain privately owned or can be combined with a Fee Title Sale option, as described above. 


The qualifying criteria will be determined by the funding, location of property and priorities created by the open space advisory committees.  Please visit the OSAC (for Countywide funds), ESAP (Eastern Summit County Agricultural Preservation funds) and BOSAC (Snyderville Basin Recreation funds) sites for specific quality criteria related to defined funding sources. 

In general, Summit County acquires properties that meet one or more of the following: 

  • Preserving rural areas that provide community buffers including significant agricultural land. 
  • Land for passive recreation including land for public access and potential trail connections. 
  • Land with significant natural resources, including scenic view corridors, riparian corridors, wetlands, and wildlife habitats. 
  • Properties that reduce development density, or provide growth limitation/buffers.


In order to be considered for evaluation, the proposed property MUST meet all of the following requirements along with other requirements specific to defined funding sources

  1. The property must have a willing landowner(s). 
  2. The NOI application must be submitted by the landowner or an authorized representative for the landowner. 
  3. The proposed property must reside within the Summit County political boundary. Note: Special consideration may be given to properties adjacent to the Summit County political boundary if the property provides a significant benefit to Summit County and its residents.


Need assistance? Please call Jessica Kirby at (435) 602-0308

¿Necesita ayuda? Por favor llame a Bailey Edelstein al (435) 333-1542