Open Space 



Summit County acquires property and secures conservation easements for the purposes of open space, agriculture preservation, and resource protection.  The county uses several different acquisition methods and will pursue, depending on the individual circumstance, both land and/or conservation easements in perpetuity.

Advisory Committees

Currently there are three independent Summit County open space advisory committees serving to provide input to the County Manager and the County Council: 

  1. Eastern Summit County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board (ESAP), established for the purpose of "creation, identification and preservation of agricultural and open space lands within Eastern Summit County"
  2. Basin Open Space Advisory Committee (BOSAC), for the purpose of “creation, preservation, and identification of open space within the Snyderville Basin in order to ensure high conservation values and promote the resort and scenic character of the area"
  3. Summit County Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), most recently created for the purpose of "the identification, preservation and acquisition of open space, agricultural protection areas, and conservation easements" countywide.
  2. Acquisition 
  3. Funding

Qualifying Criteria

The qualifying criteria have been defined by each of the Open Space Advisory Committees (ESAP, BOSAC & OSAC) and has been approved by the Summit County Council. Property suitability for open space, agriculture protection or conservation easement is informed by direction from County Staff and the applicable Open Space Advisory Committees. Final decisions are made by the Summit County Commissioners in their sole discretion. In general, Summit County acquires properties that meet one or more of the following criteria;

  • Preserving rural areas that provide community buffers including significant agricultural land
  • Land for passive recreation including land for public access and potential trail connections
  • Land with other significant resources, including scenic view corridors, riparian corridors, wetlands, and wildlife habitat
  • Properties that reduce development density, or provide growth limitation/buffers

Specific Open Space Advisory Committee detailed qualifying criteria:

A photo of a tree filled area in Summit Park
  1. Jessica Kirby

    Public Lands Manager