RAP Tax Reauthorization

The RAP (recreation, arts, & parks) tax is to enhance or support the funding of publicly owned or operated recreational and zoological facilities, and botanical, cultural, and zoological organizations owned operated by institutions or private nonprofit organizations. It is a 0.10% (tenth of a cent) sales tax on certain goods. Citizens of Summit County first voted to approve this tax in 2000 and renewed the tax in 2010. With each election the County has placed a ten-year sunset on the tax which means it will expire at the end of 2020 unless renewed.


History of the Summit County RAP Tax

November 2000

Summit County residents pass ballot measure to implement a 0.10% sales tax for the purpose of funding arts, parks and recreation programs within the County. Through a grants process, funding is used to support programs across the all areas of the County with the goal of equal distribution respective to the demographics of each municipality. Every ten years, residents must vote to reauthorize the collection of the sales tax.

November 2010

Summit County residents vote to continue the RAP Tax.


The RAP Tax is once again up for reauthorization.