Summit Research Park Redevelopment

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Summit Research Park Proposed Modifications

Summit County has received an application to revise the Summit Research Park Development Agreement (also known as Park City Tech center, location of Skullcandy Building, Hugo Coffee/Visitors Bureau) . 

The proposal includes concepts for offices, hotels, retail, housing, civic & cultural uses, transit center, structured parking, and improved pedestrian and vehicular connections including a gondola connecting Kimball Junction to the Utah Olympic Park.

Project History

On December 10, 2008, the previous property owner, Boyer Snyderville Junction L.C., entered into a Development Agreement with Summit County for the Summit Research Park (aka Park City Tech Center). In conjunction with approval of the Development Agreement, a re-zone of the property from Rural Residential and Hillside Stewardship to Community Commercial was adopted by Ordinance 706. Specific permitted and conditional uses were stated in the Ordinance, as were land use provisions for moderate income housing and a future church site. Public open space and trails located to the south and west of the project area were established as part of the original approval.  An Amendment to the Development Agreement was approved in 2014, providing clarity as to process for “use” determinations.

In the eleven years since approval of the Summit Research Park, two buildings have been constructed, namely the Park City Visitor Center and offices and Skullcandy corporate headquarters. A bus transit center was constructed, as were core roads and utilities. Liberty Peak Apartments were constructed on Overland Drive providing 150 one- and two-bedroom workforce housing units, affordable to those residents earning below 80% of Summit County Area Median Income. These units were required by the Development Agreement to satisfy an affordable housing requirement of the Summit Research Park approval. 

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Original Development Agreement (2008) (click to view entire document)

Development Agreement for Summit Research aka PC Tech 12.11.2008 pg 1

Development Agreement Amendment (2015) (Click to view entire document)

Amendment to DA for Summit Research Park aka PC Tech Center 12.9.15 pg 1

Proposed Amendments

  • Amend the Overall Development Concept Master Plan from a predominately single use, automobile centric research park with surface parking to a mixed-use community consisting of the following:
    • townhouses and multi-family apartments (affordable/workforce tax credit and market rate rental housing),
    • hotel and office use (traditional hotel rooms, not condo hotel),
    • neighborhood and hotel-oriented support commercial uses,
    • civic space for arts and culture and potential future County services,
    • open space plazas, amphitheater and park areas,
    • regional transit center and parking,
    • trails and sidewalks connecting uses within the community as well as to adjacent uses, community open space and trails
    • parking primarily located beneath buildings
  • Increase development square footage from 1.295 million square feet (msf) to 1.94 msf.
  • Development to occur on existing subdivided development parcels (PCTC-402-AM, PCTC-403-AM, PCTC-404-AM, PCTC -5B-AM) consisting of 50.53 acres.
  • Existing County and Basin Recreation Special Service District open space area and trails to the south and west remain as public open space and trails.
  • Pursue a land trade with Summit County to relocate a new County Services Building to the interior “Civic Core” area (westside of Olympic Parkway).
  • Pursue private and public partnerships to enhance pedestrian connectivity over SR 224 to Redstone/New Park.
  • Pursue private and public partnerships to enhance alternative transportation opportunities (relocate and improve transit center, parking and operations; explore gondola as connectivity to the Olympic Park; explore slip lanes and round-about at SR 224 and Ute Blvd)

Proposal Brochure (click to view entire document)

Olympic View PA_20190801 Submital Document CORRECTED_Page_01

Public Meeting Information

As this proposal is discussed by the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission (SBPC) and the Summit County Council (SCC), information presented at the various meetings, including staff reports, minutes, and presentations will be published here as they become available. Click on the date of the meeting below to view the information from that meeting.

  2. Nov 12, 2019 SBPC Work Session
  3. Oct 22, 2019 SBPC Work Session
  4. Oct 8, 2019 SBPC Work Session
  5. Sep 24, 2019 SBPC Work Session