Many Plastic containers are accepted in your curbside bid. But please read the label to make sure!

  • All #1: Typically Soda, Water, & Flavored Beverage Bottles
  • All #2: Typically Milk & Juice Jugs or Detergent & Fabric Softener Containers
  • #3 Narrow Neck Containers Only: Typically Health & Beauty aid products or household cleaners
  • All #4 Grocery Containers: Typically Margarine tubs, Frozen desert cups, six and twelve pack rings
  • All #5 Grocery Containers: Typically Yogurt cups, Narrow neck syrup and Ketchup bottles
  • #7 Plastic Narrow Neck Containers Only
Plastic caps for all these types of containers are acceptable

Other Types of Acceptable Plastic
  • Plastic buckets: Typically kitty litter buckets (5 gallon maximum size and no metal handle)