Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety

Grade-Separated Trail & Underpasses

Safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike is top priority, and Summit County worked closely with community members and pedestrian advocates during the design phase of the project last year to incorporate input where possible. The county invested approximately $3 Million for a new, separated trail for bicyclists and pedestrians on the east side of Homestead Road as well as two new underpasses at both the I-80 eastbound on-ramp and the westbound I-80 off-ramp. On Homestead Road, Summit County will provide bike symbols on the right-hand lanes to indicated shared lane use.

Additionally, a third underpass, is being constructed under Kilby Road. Snyderville Basin Recreation, at approximately $1.5 Million, is funding this improvement and is building it in conjunction with the roundabouts.

At-Grade Crossings

Each at-grade crosswalk at the roundabouts will have signs with pedestrian-activated flashing warning lights. In addition to these signs, the project will install pedestrian refuges at the center of the crossings and each leg of the intersection will be lit with LED street lights. Work on these improvements is ongoing. The county also worked closely with stakeholders in the area to identify funding and build a pedestrian path from Jeremy Ranch Elementary to Homestead Road.

The team has implemented a safe, temporary pedestrian plan during construction. It can be viewed by clicking here.

Potential underpasses at Pinebrook Boulevard and Homestead Road were analyzed during the design phase last year. Unfortunately, underpasses would be difficult to construct and very expensive (nearly $6 Million, total) due to necessary utility relocations and space constraints. At this time, Summit County does not have the additional funds needed, but is committed to monitoring traffic and pedestrian activity at the crosswalks and working on those areas in the future if resources become available.

Jeremy Ranch Roundabouts Trails Map 3.21.19