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March 26, 2018 9:55 AM

Request for Proposal - Roads Manager

Background and Objective
Summit County Service Area #3 was created by Summit County to operate and manage the water
systems, roads, trails, rights-of-way, property and parks within the Silver Creek Estates subdivision, a
relatively small rural community located in the Park City area. The Service Area is governmental entity
and is subject to the laws and regulations that govern local districts.
Job Description
Under the direction of the Board of Trustees and direct supervision of the General Manager, the Road
Manager position is a part time contract position to support Service Area #3 activities. The individual in
this role is depended upon to ensure work is performed in an open, efficient and cost-effective manner.
The successful contractor or employee will provide specified services involving the Service Area’s roads,
trails, and rights-of-way. This position may be combined with another position for the Service Area.
1) Uphold Service Area #3 ordinances, policies, rules and regulations. Represent and carry out the
directives of Service Area #3 when dealing with all stakeholders, governmental regulators of the
roads and trails system, Summit County public works department, vendors, other contractors and
other utility providers within the Service Area #3.
2) Perform the following on a regular basis:
a. Administer the day-to-day operations of the Service Area’s roads, trails, and rights-ofway;

b. Provide written and oral briefings to the Board on a monthly or more frequent basis at public Board meetings;
c. Provide regular, timely communication with the Board and General Manager on
applicable Service Area projects, services, and activities;
d. Required inspections and reporting;
e. Coordinate emergency road repairs;
f. Maintaining an as-built record of the Service Area’s roads, trails, and rights-of-ways;
g. Maintaining service agreements with subcontractors and purchase agreements with vendors and suppliers.
3) Perform the following on an as required basis:
a. Develop strategies, goals, and objectives for Service Area’s roads, trails, and rights-ofway
under the direction of the Board and General Manager and execute on approved
b. Advise or recommend to the Board when improvements or repairs are required;
c. Remain fully informed and cognizant of current and pending laws, regulations and rules
governing the roads, trails, and rights-of-way under the Service Area’s jurisdiction.
Knowledge of:
 Principles and practices of public administration and organization;
 Open meeting laws as they apply to Special Service Areas of Utah;
 Utah Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations, including but not limited to Class B &
C road funding;
 Road and trail construction, maintenance, and operation;
 Business English, spelling and math.
Ability to:
 Problem solve;
 Ability to perform strenuous manual labor, including the ability to push, pull, or lift medium-toheavy
duty weights of up to 75 pounds;
 Withstand exposure to inclement weather conditions, noise, dust, fumes, and other similar
conditions associated with maintaining roads, trails, and rights-of-way;
 Pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening;
 Travel to alternative work locations and offsite meetings.
Training and Experience:
 Any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to graduation from high
school or GED;
 Experience working in and with Utah governmental entities;
 5+ yrs of road or trail construction, maintenance, and operation experience;
 5+ yrs property management experience, e.g., building maintenance and operations;
Licenses and Certifications:
 Valid Utah drivers license.
 Utah Contractor’s License
 LTAP Road Master certification.
Required Content of Applications
The statement of qualifications and the performance data requested should include the following items:

1. Name and address of the contractor applying.
2. The education, training, qualifications, experience, and certifications of the contractor applying.
3. Current and past occupations of the contractor.
4. Names, phone numbers, addresses, of at least three and preferably five
professional references.
Proposal Submittal Instructions
All proposals must be delivered to Summit County Service Area No. 3 by 5:00 p.m. on April 6, 2018.
Submit proposals to:
Summit County Service Area No. 3
7215 Silver Creek Rd.
Park City, Utah 84098
Contact Persons: Marla Howard, General Manager,

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