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March 26, 2018 9:51 AM

Request for Proposal - Water Operator

Under the direction of the Service Area’s Board of Trustees and direct supervision of the General Manager, the Water Operator will provide specified services involving the Service Area’s water systems and is depended upon to ensure work is performed in an open, efficient and cost-effective manner. This position may be combined with another position.
1) Uphold Service Area #3 ordinances, policies, rules and regulations. Represent and carry out the
directives of Service Area #3 when dealing with all stakeholders and regulators of the water system,
other contractors and other utility providers within the Service Area #3 and surrounding water
2) Perform the following on a regular basis:
a) Meter readings public water system and private wells drilled under the Service Area water rights
b) Review requests for and issue Well Start Cards and Water Letters and ensure that new
construction, additions and remodels meet standards;
c) Perform sample collection compliance and required inspections, testing and reporting;
d) Perform regular security checks and perform system evaluations and monitoring of controls;
pumps, motors, valves, hydrants, tanks and other system components
e) Maintain as-built record of system;
f) Review service agreements with contractors and purchase agreements with vendors and suppliers
with the General Manager to assure they are current and complete;
g) Maintain spare parts inventory.
3) Perform the following on an as required basis:
a) Review and give feedback/recommendations/requirements to County on LIPs and CUPs;
b) Implement maintenance schedule as designed by water engineer;
c) Direct any complaints to General Manager and participate in the investigation to resolve disputes;
d) Repair, maintain and upgrade components;
e) Supervise contractor work, oversee contract compliance;
f) Coordinate and monitor utility and other work being performed in the vicinity of water system
facilities and infrastructure;
g) Advise or recommend to the Board when improvements are required to upgrade or replace equipment or parts, or if system expansion/extension due to changed requirements or methods are warranted;
h) Inspect meters and water lines as needed.
Knowledge of:
 Utah State governmental entities;
 Utah water rights, current and pending laws, and regulations governing water system operation;
 Source protection and cross connection control programs;
 Water system processes and software;
 Business English, spelling and math and communicate effectively with others.
Ability to:
 Problem solve water systems;
 Pass a background check and pre-employment drug screening;
 Problem solve and troubleshoot as the need arises;
 Ability to perform strenuous manual labor, including the ability to push, pull, or lift medium-toheavy
duty weights of up to 75 pounds;
 Withstand exposure to inclement weather conditions, noise, dust, fumes and other similar
conditions associated with maintaining water lines and meters.
Training and Experience:
 A high school diploma or G.E.D.;
 Excellent written and oral communication skills working with customers, suppliers, contractors,
and government officials.
Licenses and/or Certifications
 Valid Utah drivers license;
 Current Utah State Drinking Water Operator Certification.
Required Content of Applications
The statement of qualifications and the performance data requested should include the following items:

1. Name and address of the contractor applying.
2. The education, training, qualifications, experience, and certifications of the contractor applying.
3. Current and past occupations of the contractor.
4. Names, phone numbers, addresses, of at least three and preferably five professional
Proposal Submittal Instructions
All proposals must be delivered to Summit County Service Area No. 3 by 5:00 p.m. on April 6, 2018.
Submit proposals to:
Summit County Service Area No. 3
7215 Silver Creek Rd.
Park City, Utah 84098
Contact Persons: Marla Howard, General Manager,

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