Summit County Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Summit County is to provide excellent, ethical and efficient services that ensure quality of life for present and future generations.

Vision Statement

Summit County is a vital community that is renowned for its natural beauty, quality of life, economic diversity and supporting a healthy, prosperous culturally-diverse citizenry.

Strategic Issues

In order to achieve our mission and vision for the future, Summit County must focus on the following six strategic issues that help us define “what is most important” when determining where resources, both time and money, should be spent.

Strong Fiscal Foundation

Summit County needs a strong financial foundation in order to provide consistent, high quality services to its citizens. The County shall utilize sound financial principles incorporating diverse, stable and equitable revenue sources and strategic budgeting to achieve the County’s mission, vision and priorities, both near and long term.  

Planning & Collaboration

Summit County recognizes that collaborative visionary planning is essential to ensuring carefully-managed growth. The County shall adopt updated general plans and revised development codes and collaborate with neighboring jurisdictions and communities concerning regional issues.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Efficient multi-modal transportation systems and mobility options are essential to planning for growth and preserving the community’s quality of life. Summit County shall proactively update its transportation plans.

Economic Vitality & Diversity

Summit County needs a robust, diversified and growing economy to ensure its future economic vitality. In order to build and sustain a strong economic base, the County shall attract new and diverse economic drivers while continuing to support its existing business.

Environmental Stewardship

Summit County recognizes the importance of a healthy natural environment to our quality of life. The County shall be proactive in reducing our carbon footprint, protecting water resources, re-mediating contamination, protecting air, land, water quality and actively participating with our local, state and federal agencies.

Engaged & Informed Citizenry

Summit County values citizen input and involvement and understands the importance of an informed citizenry. The County shall adopt a comprehensive communications plan utilizing current technology to encourage citizen participation in all facets of county government.

Priority Performance Objectives 2013-2014

The Summit County Council has identified the following priority objectives to be analyzed and reviewed periodically.. These performance goals are deemed to be strategically important and essential to defining and achieving the County’s mission and vision for the future.
  • Establish financial stability, including enhancing revenues, for the County as needed to provide excellent services.
  • Adopt updated General Plan and revised development codes for Snyderville Basin and Eastern County.
  • Master Plan for the area east of Highway 40 and north of I-80.
  • Adopt an Economic Diversity strategy.
  • Adopt a revised Snyderville Basin Transportation Plan.
  • Adopt an Eastern Summit County Transportation Plan.
  • Adopt a comprehensive environmental clean-up strategy with emphasis on the Highway 40 corridor.
  • Adopt updated Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Adopt a water resource strategy.
  • Adopt an air and water quality strategy.
  • Adopt a Solid-Waste Master Plan.
  • Adopt a comprehensive county-wide communications plan.